Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Humpday

Had a very busy day today, managed to get two workouts in through, a run test on the treadmill and a Syl assigned swim workout...
The run went well, I ran to Mt Royal, jumped on the treadmill and got my heart rate up to 150 (it took 5mins 50) then I ran at 150 for 3 miles. My time was 26 mins. I jumped off, ran home and went back to work.
Leter I went back to Mt Royal for my swim. Syl gave me a workout to do that I was definitelty not crazy about, but I tried.
One of the sets was 800 25 head up swimming, 25 backstroke. That was tough and I only completed 600. I think I need to do more head up swimming- it will help me feel more confident in the choppy swim start at IM, but the backstroke has got to go. My form sucks and I have a sore shoulder which I am sure is from that.
I adapted some of the other drills and ended up swimming 60mins, a total of 2850m.
I did do some 100 repeats for speed and managed to do 1:43 for my fastest. That is a big improvement for me over previous seasons.

Just gotta keep it up.

Darin is feeling under the weather today- it is very tough for him to relax and rest... I hope he is better soon. And I hope this iron/vitC mix I've ben taking will keep me from getting whatever he has.

Training for the day: Run 60 mins with 3 mile HR test
Swim 60 mins 2850m

Right shoulder sore

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