Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tough Bike...

Today I did a second treadmill test and had a 75min ride that took a ton of focus to get through.
I know this is making me stronger- this is what I asked for!

The run test was fun, I did 10mins warm up and then measured my HR at the end of 2min sessions at increasing speeds. My results:
6.0- 140bpm
6.5- 149bpm
7.0- 150bpm
7.5- 160bpm
8.0- 169bpm
8.5- 173bpm

I have no idea what this means, if it is good, bad..? But it was fun and I could have kept running.

The bike was another kind of fun. Very tough. The one leg drills are challenging for me which means I need to do them more often. The climbing was tough too. My legs were toast by the end of the workout.

10' easy spin,
4x (1'right leg/1'left leg/2'spin)
5x5'climbs(2'standing/3'seated) @~168 starting next interval when HR back to Z1

Workouts for the day
Run 25mins
Bike 75mins

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