Saturday, March 24, 2007

What doesn't kill you...

What a tough ride we had today...
We drove out this morning to Bregg Creek to start our ride. We decided to go hwy 66 up to the top of powderface. It is a challenging ride any day- up hill all the way with some sections up to 8 or 9% grade. Today was extra tough due to a feirce headwind that we had the entire way out. That, combined with my tired legs that have not seen a rest day in 2 weeks, made for a slow slog all the way. It took me 1hr40 to get out and 40 mins to fly back- downhill all the way with a tail wind!
We got back to Bragg Creek with a bit of time to still put in so we did a short out and back on hwy 22. The wind on the way back was tough, but at least it was flat.
Back in Bragg Creek we had a great lunch and listened to all the cyclists who were also battered and exhausted from fighting the wind. I'm sure they had fun flying home though.

We were pretty tired and caught a nice afternoon nap and then went out for dinner. We stopped at Chapters to try and find a map of France and ran into Darin's dad and Natasha so we had a nice visit. We stopped at his parent's place to say a quick hello to his mom, Emma and Christi and then got some movies and came home to veg.

Training for the day: 3hrs biking- hills and wind!

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