Monday, March 26, 2007

Rest Day, Yay!

Today is my first day off training in 2 weeks. I plan to enjoy it.

I woke up at 6:15 feeling well rested. Darin rode in with me this morning as his car is having a tire repaired. Our neighbourhood is a construction zone and we have both had nails in our tires. I am not used to being at work at 7:30 but it means going home a bit earlier so that is a bonus.

My legs and over all body actually feel great today. No tightness, no soreness, no fatigue. I am impressed. The iron supplement I am taking must be helping. I started on liquid vegetarian iron last week and have also been taking emergen-c Vitamin C drink.
Not sure how much is real and how much is in my head, but I definitely feel more energy so who cares.

Good news that mom and dad will be here for Easter. They are on their way back from Mexico and will stop on the way through to spend a few days with us. Shawn gave me 2 tickets to the Flames game on the 7th which is the last of the season and it is against the Oilers! They are very good seats- right on the glass and Darin is going to take my dad. He is going to LOVE it!
He deserves it- he's been a die hard fan as long as I can remember- and there have been a lot of years where it was tough to be a Flames fan!

I am hoping to see my nieces soon. I haven't met Gianna yet and she is growing like a weed already! Maesa is also growing like crazy and is apparently talking up a storm.

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