Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting reacquainted with the open road...

This was the first weekend we have been able to get in some real riding time. The snow is all but melted and the weather was double digits- life is good :-)
Saturday the sun was out, and so was the wind. It made for a tough ride, and a slow slog into a fierce headwind on the way home. I managed 94km in 3hrs35- no speed records there, but I am still recovering from the marathon and I wanted to keep my effort comfortable. It was just so wonderful to be outside, with the sun on my face doing what I love with the one I love. After a great day in the great outdoors we went for a sushi feast and spent the rest of the day chilling and watching movies.
This morning we were up early, but had to wait for the temperature to creep up before heading out. Today the sun was in hiding, but thankfully so was the wind. We took a different route today, with more undulations :-) It was nice not to have the wind in my face, but my legs were a bit tired and it was a challenging ride. I also didn't eat and was nearly at my wall with 20km to go. Luckily D was stopped at Sexsmith and I stopped and had a chance to regroup for the last leg home.
I continue to be amazed at how great the riding is around here. Smooth roads, wide shoulders and very little traffic. I was expecting the opposite when we moved here, but we have found tones of routes and loops that start virtually out of our back door. We have a good summer of riding ahead of us.
Looking forward to the week ahead. Registered classes start and I have sold out classes. I also start with another new client in the morning and I am looking forward to that. This business just may just make a morning person out of me...D you are laughing now, right?
Next weekend is UfoA Tri. I am praying for warm weather this week in Edmonton to melt the snow before we get there!

Saturday TFTD: Bike 3hrs 35 93km
Sunday TFTD: Bike 3hrs 20mins 95km

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