Thursday, April 24, 2008

Road to Recovery

It was great to have a little holiday, but I am also happy to be home. I love our home... :-D
I am still trying to recover, feeling much more tired than usual and not my normal bounce off the walls peppy self :-)
I am also hungry all the time and eating more than I should be. The combination of not training and eating like a freak is resulting in feeling like a beached whale. I will be happy to have my legs back and get back into my regular training routine.
Our first tri is next weekend- a sprint in Edmonton. We will be training straight through it, we need to get some longer training sessions it. Hopefully the wee skiff of snow here will be all gone by the weekend so we can get out for some riding.
I did a super easy spin just to move my legs, but I can hardly call it training, I didn't even break a sweat.
Tomorrow it is back to the pool and another ride, hopefully the legs will be feeling up to a bit more tension :-)

TFTD: Bike 60mins

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