Friday, April 11, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Tonight we braved the GP wind and headed out for a ride. It was soooo fun. With a tailwind on the way out I managed to ride 25km in 40mins, averaging 37km/hr. Damn...that was FUN. The way back was a lot slower, right into a head wind. But my mental space was very positive, and although my speedometer showed some ugly numbers, I was lovin every minute of it.
The way back took an hour- that gives an idea of the wind speed. My average speed for the 50km was 32.5, so not bad.

1hr45 outside is a heartbeat, compared to the same time grinding away in the basement!
I am so happy for the winter training we put in though, I feel like my muscles are well trained to spin strong and smooth at a high cadence. I feel completely different on the bike this year, as compared to last year. I finally feel like a cyclist out there. It has taken a few years of consistent training, but finally I LOVE riding. I can't wait to race.

Speaking of, there is a 10km race I really want to do here. It is the day before our Hinton Oly, and would add a interesting challenge to that race, but I am up for it. I want to win. Well, if D races, he will win, but it would be cool to be 1st and 2nd!

Tomorrow the forecast is for 19 degrees. That is summer weather! We are heading out for our first outdoor long ride and will likely get in 3hrs or so, exploring some new territory south of the city. We are looking for hills... wish us luck.

TFTD Bike 1hr45 51km

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