Sunday, April 13, 2008

Long Rides Outside....

Are sooooooo much more enjoyable! Even with the wind, the hills and the layers, it is a much welcome upgrade from spinning in the basement. Yesterday we did a great ride from the West side of the city to Beaverlodge. It was 75km roundtrip, and I wish I could upload my garmin profile to this, cause it was a doozy for hills. The way out was into a headwind and mostly climbing. The way back was fast and fun! 2hrs45 ride time plus a little spin with my bro and the fam in the evening made for a 3hrs worth of riding. Yes babe I AM counting that glide around the neighborhood LOL.

Today I took my 3rd rest day of the week- yup I am taking this taper seriously. I want to do my last long run tomorrow, 7 days out from Boston and on somewhat rested legs. My goal is to run at or slightly above my goal race pace. I need to feel some speed and get my confidence up going into the race.

I am stoked for a little getaway with D. I have always wanted to go to Boston, and I can't wait to experience the energy and excitement of the marathon. We have a studio apt about a mile from the conference centre/ finish line and will have a couple days before to chill and try not to walk around too much. We will probably rent some bikes to cruise around.
We also get to see the Women's olympic trials the day before the marathon- talk about inspiration!

D and I received our race numbers in the mail and we were happy to see that we are both in the first wave and start at 10am. For anyone that cares to follow us in the race check the website. I am number 13466, and D is 1476. They will be posting splits every 5km I think. My aim is to run 5min km. If you see me slowing down, send me a virtual kick in the butt!!

Saturday Training: Bike3hrs

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