Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ever see an ox swim?

Me neither, but I felt like one during Tuesday's swim. After so many great swims lately, it was frustrating to feel heavy, uncoordinated and slow. I had a rare opportunity to swim with D, and I always enjoy training with him, but having him zip by, lapping me, didn't help :-)
I know that some days, everything clicks, and others nothing does.

Today I was planning to run at the rec center, because once again the wind is over 50km/hr. I ended up running out of time so I just braved the winds and ran outside. I left my garmin at home, I knew it would just frustrate me so see the slow speed into the wind. I actually had a very strong and enjoyable run. The wind was nasty, but it didn't get me down, I just kept thinking of how much stronger I will be because of it. At times I felt like Fred Flinstone- legs churning, but going no where.

Tomorrow after class we will be heading down to Edmonton and we fly out Friday morning. I am pumped for a holiday (yes, a marathon counts as a holiday).

TFTD Tuesday: Swim 45mins 2200m
TFTD: Wednesday: Run 46mins

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