Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Fish

Today my energy was much better, I ate properly and had a great night's sleep, so my body was happy.
I had an awesome session in the pool. I felt strong and my times were faster. I did 3x1000m and was faster in each subsequent set. 1st 1000m was 19:10, 2nd 1000m 18:10 (paddles and pull bouy), 3rd 1000m 18:03. Sweet! My effort was easy, moderate, moderate and if the lane swim went longer I would have done another set.

Next up was an e-z run. I headed out from the rec centre and did a loop in Muskoseepi Park. The first 5 mins were really rough, my leags felt like lead and I was running right into a headwind. Once I got into the park I was sheltered from the wind and my legs seemed to lighten up. I was able to maintain a good pace at a low effort and felt better as time went on.

TFTD Swim 3000m 56mins
Run 8.3km 43mins.

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Darin Hunter said...

Your training like an animal babe! Awesome job, 2008 is YOUR year, I can't wait for the race season to start!