Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday we decided to stay in and train. We did a 30min warm up followed by CTS power intervals...ouch. Then a 30 min spin and out for a T run. Felt like crap until the magic 10min mark, which is where my legs suddenly accept the idea that we are running. I don't even have to look at my watch to know how long I have been running. Did 46mins, felt better the longer I ran. Except that I was starving.
Hit Prairie Sushi (yes, it is really called that) for a feast with D. Sooooo gooood.
Did some errands and crashed early- missing our first social invite in GP...what a couple of jam tarts.

Sunday I woke up tired and grouchy at the construction behind us that started at 7am...on a SUNDAY!!!
My legs felt pretty beat and the sky was grey and it was drizzling rain. Enough factors for me to decide I wasn't tackling the 160km ride we had planned. My knee has been bugging me on the bike, just under the right kneecap on the medial edge. I have no idea what it is and it doesn't hurt any other time than when I am on the bike. I need to get it sorted out though. It is a very localized pain and I am sure it must have to do with my shoe or cleat or position on the bike. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

D headed out for the planned ride and I had another cup of coffee. The weather looked like crap, but there was NO WIND. That almost never happens here so I decided I had to go out and at least get a short ride in. I told myself if my knee was bugging me I would call it a day. Thing was, it started hurting right away, and after bundling up and getting out, I didn't want to turn back.

I did 50km, staying in my small gear and spinning high, as that put the least amount of pressure on the knee.

When I got home I had a call from D- it was pouring on him and he was calling it a day- so off I went to retrieve him. The highway had some construction going on and traffic was stopped. I sat for 50mins and finally called D and told him to start riding as I may never get there. It finally opened up and I found D 20km out of Rycroft in the pouring rain. He was covered head to toe in mud and dirt and he looked pretty happy to see me.

So neither one of us got in our planned ride, but at least he managed 130km.

It is always this time of the season when two things start to happen in my head. One, I begin to question "am I doing enough?" "how am I ever going to be ready?" "why do I do this again??"
and Two, I tell myself that next year I am taking the year off Ironman. Next year I am going to have a life in the summer- do yard work, have drinks on a patio, and take weekend vacations that don't involve 12hrs of riding. This deal usually lasts until at least 12hrs post completion of said Ironman....and then the renegotiation begins...

Now in my 4th season, I should know better....but I still feel the fear of "not enough" and I still tell myself "this is the last one". And even though I DO know better, both are motivation in a way, and at this point in the season I will take any kind of motivation I can get.

Friday TFTD: Swim (outdoor pool) 2000m 40mins
Saturday: Bike: 2hrs TRun 46mins
Sunday: Bike 2hrs


Lisa G said...

You definitely should see the Sex & the City movie - it is really good! As for your knee, do you have a foam roller for stretching? If not I would recommend using one, they are really good for everything! I use it to stretch after every run. Also the trigger point therapy tools work wonders!

Doesn't sound like it is an IT band issue, but a lot of good stretching and recovery should help. Icing daily is a really excellent thing to do (if you're not already doing so) - use a bag of frozen peas and keep it on your knee for about 15 mins (it is very painful at first but dissipates). Good luck!

Naomi said...

Amber, I'm feeling the same way in my left knee. I'm using the foam roller. For me, I think it is my IT band and I'm hoping the roller will break down the adhesions. If not, massage and/or ART here I come!

Keep me posted on what is working for you. I'd appreciate learning anything else that could be done.