Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today we had an amazing day. We decided against running this morning as D's calves were still tight and we were both feeling a bit roasted after yesterday. We decided to head to Spring LAke, a small lake we heard was good for open water swimming. As we loaded up the car with lounge chairs, towels, snacks and sunscreen, we both felt like we were heading for a vacation...almost like normal people!
It took a bit longer to get there than we thought, as we took a couple of wrong turns, but the drive was worth it when we pulled in and saw a small, clear lake surrounded by huge trees. It is a motor free lake, so no need to worry about being run over by a speed boat.

We decided to hang out on the loungers for a while before diving in (I needed to get good and hot so that I had added motivation to swim). After about an hour we donned the wetsuits and jumped in. The lake is small enough that the temp is very reasonable. We took off straight across the lake, and the ow swim skills gradually returned. I hit the other side in about 13mins and continued on around the perimeter. I lost site of D and assumed he had headed towards shore, so I made my way there. It was about 40mins to swim around most of the lake. I came in and realized D was on his way back out, but I had had enough and resumed my position in the lounger. About 20 mins later D came in, after doing a couple of loops. We were both impressed and excited to have found such a great place to swim-and we can come for free anytime :-)
We hung out another hour or so, and the place began to get very busy with lots of kids and families. We had exhausted our snacks and were both getting hungry so we packed up and made our way back.
Once home we whipped up an awesome dinner of bbq steak, pasta and veggies...mmmmm.
It was an awesome day, and we both feel like it was a well deserved and needed vacation!
Tomorrow will be long run day. THh heat is going to be back and I will need sunscreen- we both got a bit crispy today.
TFTD: OW Swim 40mins

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