Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday already!

Wow, this week has been busy, and I am so happy to say it is Friday.
I am going to catch up my training log for my own sake, while I remember.

Tuesday: ez run 60
skipped swim to do much needed admin work!
Wed: Bike 60
Run: 60
EZ run 60
missed swim time as I was with clients.
Thurs: Swim 50 (finally)
Bike 90mins
EZ Run 60

Between classes, clients and training I am spending up to 12hrs a day outside. I am NOT complaining as the weather here has been pretty stellar. Tuesday it rained but it wasn't too bad.

Today I have one PT client and then am hosting a fundraiser for the breast cancer walk which a client of mine is doing. I will be teaching a one hour intro to kickboxing class down in the park. Hits for Tits. Hopefully we get a great turn out and raise lots of money for the cause.

And then maybe, just maybe we will FINALLY get to the Sex and the City movie!!!


Megan said...

Love that name for your kickboxing class!!!

Naomi said...

I hope the fundraiser went well! Very clever title. ;)