Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Perfect Day For a Ride

Today I was planning to swim and run, but the blue sky, sunshine and mild wind were too enticing and I decided a bike ride was in order. I felt awesome today and had a fantastic ride out to Bezanson and back. It was one of those days where I felt like I could have ridden forever. But of course I had to come back and teach my classes....people need fitness and I must deliver! lol
On the way back I checked my ave speed and it was 29.7. Lately I have had this block about getting a 30km/hr ave on training rides. I usually end at 29.9 and am wondering wtf. So today I decided it was the time to push through. I got low and pushed hard, managing to get the ave up to 30.0 by the time I hit home. Yippee!
I also had a very rare sighting...another cyclist! And not just any cyclist, the rarest, most elusive species...the female cyclist!!! In the 3 months of living here this is the first one I have seen and I had to do a quick u-turn and catch up with her to get a closer look...and introduce myself. First, I scared the crap out of her. Then I practically offered her money to be my friend..lol. Actually she suggested contacting me to go for a ride and I am hoping we can connect. As much as I love solo riding, it would be great to have company once in a while!

TFTD Bike 55km 1hr50
Strength: 50mins
Rec Run/Walk 60mins

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