Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making Friends with Fatigue

The last couple of days I have been energy challenged. I am thinking it is mostly normal considering my schedule. The training I am doing with others combined with my own training schedule is pretty intense. Wednesday I hit the pool with high hopes, but felt like a bag of rocks in the water and ended up doing 1500m of drills and calling it a day. I did an ez mtn bike ride with a client in the am that had some hill repeats to make it legitimate training.
Today I was still not feeling peppy in the pool but managed to gut out 3000m including lots of pull and paddles. It seemed to be the only way I could
Straight from the pool to the tready to work a bit of speed. Did a solid tempo run building in speed over 40mins. The first 10mins were mentally tough, I just wanted to walk, but after kicking up the speed my body began to come around and I felt good.
Rounded out the day with an ez 60min run with the group and some much needed couch time.

Wednesday TFTD: Bike 60min
Swim 30min 1500m

Thursday: Swim 60min 3000m
Tempo Run 40mins
Rec Run 60mins

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