Monday, February 2, 2009

Knock on Wood

So far today the snot is at bay, which is a beautiful thing after 2 weeks of constant blowing, dripping and sniffling.
On that note, training last week went ok, the weekend was great though. I ran stairs with my group Thursday (even with a pounding sinus headache) biked Friday, ran Saturday and did a brick Sunday. I felt better with each workout and my heart rate is starting to return to normal. I am anticipating a great week, although I am delaying my return to the pool until Wed to hopefully avoid a repeat of last week. 
D came home Friday night and we had a really fun night together that involved too much wine. Saturday he and Harley headed out with the group for a run and I did my own on the treadmill. I was glad I did because he said it was terribly windy and very icy out there. Plus it was all boys that showed up. In the afternoon D finished the basement flooring project, and it looks great. We now have black gym flooring instead of carpet through the entire training space and it is awesome. Saturday night was a movie night and we actually rented 2 really good ones for a change. 
Sunday our spin crew came and we did a great workout. I did an hour of the 90min spin and then hit the treadmill for a 30min run. I felt great and was happy to have a solid calorie deficit to take into our afternoon superbowl bonanza. See below :-)
D heads back on the road this week...boooooo. I have a busy week ahead though, and as of Friday he will be home 2 weeks straight, so I can take it. 


Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

I'm knocking on wood for you! ;) But, I think the true remedy lay on your coffee table yesterday...YUM!

Happy training AND recovering!!!

Naomi :)

IMC1040 said...

Hey There Amber....good to hear your on the mend!! Your blog looks great...We will have to have you guys over some night for some vino and a spin.....but matbe not in that order!! Robert

Darin Hunter said...

mmmmmm... Beer and Nachos.

Amber Dawn said...

mmmm they were delish, weren't they... let's do it again this weekend!

IMC1040 said...

Hi Amber....the club has an executive meeting every month and our Annual General Meeting is next month that all members can attend...and we will be electing new executive soooooo....see you then but be may get nominated!!!