Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Not sure why, but this week has been tough. My energy is low and my workouts have been tough. I am getting through though. The toughest part is breaking through the lack of ambition to get going. Once I do, I've been able to knock off some seriously good work. I think we all have days where we 'just don't feel like it'. But if 'it' is important, we push through and get er done. This relates to work, life, training, the whole works. I think 'practicing' doing something, even when I don't feel like it, builds strength. Mental fortitude that is passed on to other life areas. Part of why I love being involved in sport- it keeps me from coasting.

This month my coach has me on a strength focus. This means lots of hard work :-) I have read ahead to some of my workouts and I think I might need to stop doing that. Knowing what I had to do today made it tough to get started! I knew I was in for some hurtin. But I got my swim in at 7am and my killer hill workout this afternoon. Now I have one more class to teach before I can collapse into my bed. Every muscle in my body is tired and sore. It is a good tired and least until I have to tackle tomorrow's sessions...

Happy training :-)


Jenna said...

pssssst.... roll over to the shoulder - it is much nicer there and not to mention safer (great picture)!! My favourite quite to get me through poopy days is....

"You do not have to feel like it to do it!"

(I mean, think of all the things you do in a day that you do not feel like doing....)

KK said...

Hi Amber!
I agree, this training business is all mental. It is so hard to beat our own brains sometimes but it looks like you managed to do it with your swim and run-nice!

I liked the part about not looking ahead to your workouts. I am the same way-if I think about the whole thing at once I get down on myself and want to quit. But when I break it dwon into smaller pieces it is so much more manageable and even likeable.

Keep up the great training. I am excited to read more here :).

Kelly B. said...

I think Jenn means "quote" and my fave is...okay it's an old one, but I still love it:

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Amber Dawn said...

or... suck it up princess :-)