Saturday, February 7, 2009

The first weekend of February

It has been a great week, things are going well with training and life in general. Thursday I did some killer strength work, and then a nasty stairs session that left me completely spent! I ended up not riding in lieu of a 2hr nap :-D, a good trade off in my opinion.
Friday I had a new client in the am and then took H-dog out for a run. We ran fast! The recent snowfall has made for better traction on the skating rink pathways. After the run I had a quick snack and headed to the pool. I was on the phone with a friend who ended up being on her way into the pool too, it was pretty funny. I had a great swim, although I chatted too much and didn't get through my workout as I only had 50mins of swim time in the 60min session- oops! It is all good though, my body was so spent it took a huge effort to get through what I did. I felt super satisfied at the end, a hard week's work complete!

Today D is off running with the group and I am going to head out shortly. I kind of wish I had gone with him, but I didn't get up until 8 and didn't have time to eat, get dressed etc. I do love sleeping in on Saturdays though...
I only have a 75min run, so nothing too big. Tomorrow will be our spin group, and we have a tough 2hr workout planned. Should be good and trashed by the end of that. Monday is a rest day but I might hit the pool with a client who is a former competitive swimmer. I can use all the help I can get.

Looking forward to family time this weekend! Have a great one!


Lisa G said...

Great to hear you are back into training and feeling better! I love your list of 25 random things about you! It is a lot of fun to read those.

Took your advice and slept in VERY late today!!

Julie said...

Sometimes those chatty sessions at the pool are the best workouts after all. They provide a little lightness. :)

I laughed so hard at the new pic on your blog. OMG -- just look at his expression! Hahahahahahaha!!