Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hurt Sooooo Good

This morning started with a cold and dark run with a client. Fortunately, the sun came up and we were treated to an amazing sunrise!
Later in the day I enlisted the services of "coach Troy" and had a grande ol solo sufferfest in the basement. These workouts are killer and I usually feel like puking, passing out, crying, quitting and cursing at various points of the session. I only ever curse though, and usually I am too out of breath to do even that.
Tonight I am enjoying the feeling of being tired. Not tired from life, but the sweet fatigue that a tough training session brings. This feeling was the norm for so long, it took an absence of it for me to appreciate how good it feels :-)

TFTD: Run 30mins
Bike: 75mins

1 comment:

Lisa G said...

Aww that dog is so cute! Sounds like you are doing some fun hard training!

To answer your question- I am not signed up for IM next year but potentially might take a spot if I qualified, we'll see though!