Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally made it to the pool today. It is hard to swim in a pool now... no fishies, no dolphins or sea turtles, no swim up coffee bar... oh my Hawaii has ruined me!
I had a decent swim although I am feeling my lack of swim training! As I am getting back into some training I definitely notice a loss of fitness from the months of duff sitting. But rather than be disappointed or frustrated, I am actually excited. If feels good to have a challenge and to know that I will get some good rewards as I re-gain the strength, efficiency and motor skills.
I also did a short run with April tonight and some good ab work :-)
I am exhausted, but not from the exercise, but from spending the afternoon/evening with the girls...those girls wear me out!'

TFTD Swim 45min 2200ish KM (lost count)
Run 45mins
Core 15mins

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