Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mental Toughness!

Today was our first Saturday hosting a basement bike class. We had one joiner today, Duncan, and are expecting more as the weeks go on.
We did the Spinervals "Mental Toughness" workout, 90mins and a 9.5/10 difficulty rating. I was certainly feeling the pain today. It has been a long time since I've pushed that hard on the bike trainer...and I am happy to be getting back at it.
I still haven't gotten out to try my new Newtons...the wind has been gusting at 90-95km the past 2 days! I hope tomorrow is better I want to get out for a 90min jog.

Here is a shot from a ride we did the day after our wedding. This is on the old Pali highway which goes over the mountain range and connects one sider of the island with the other. The new highway has a concrete tunnel, this tunnel is formed by the trees and vines...very cool. It was quite a climb and there were stong winds that day as well as being hot and humid. By the end of the 4hr ride I was spent! It would be an amazing place to train though, the weather is always beautiful and the scenery is out of this world.

The next one is from the Diamond Head Crater lookout

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Nadeen Halls said...

Hey AD - Wow! You're back at 'er already :) You go girl. I headed out this aft' for a bit of a run. The second one since IMC and - wow - it's been almost two months ... felt the pain :) We are heading to Banff next weekend for Winterstart ... are you guys? If so, see you there.