Thursday, October 23, 2008

So much to say...

Well since my last post much has happened, many great adventures, and we became Mr and Mrs Hunter!
I have all kinds of things to post, but it will take some time. The pictures are loaded on facebook, the professional ones are in the mail.
I started another blog to post our wedding/hawaii adventures, so that this one can return to being a triathlon training blog. Wait, that would mean I have to start training again :-)
To be fair, I did quite a bit of riding, some running and some amazing ocean swimming in Hawaii. Since getting home Tuesday I have ran and biked and done one strength workout. I am putting together a training schedule to get some structure back and I am excited to sink my teeth into some solid training :-)
Life is good, great in fact. I am a happy wife in every way and things just keep getting better :-)

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Vertical Man said...

Congratulations! You've got me inspired to set up my own training schedule.