Sunday, October 26, 2008

2009 Race Schedule

Well D finally finished our 2009 race schedule. Our goals this year are to get faster and do more local racing. We are sticking to shorter distance and are hoping to nail the 70.3 distance with 3 chances to practice.
Our biggest trip will be to Victoria for the Shawnigan Lake 1/2 which we are pumped about as we both wanted to travel there. One of my clients is moving there so it is also a great excuse to visit! We will be back there in the fall for a marathon, since we couldn't go a whole year without a 42.2km race!
We are also looking forward to getting more involved in the local scene. I may be putting on a tri a tri here in GP as my plan is to run a Women of Strength learn to tri course this winter.

Now the decision of whether to hire a coach is left to be answered. I am leaning towards yes, as I am so busy training other clients, it would be nice to have someone helping me train myself! D has encouraged me to hire Syl Corbett again as I had great results training under her and she is a great person as well as a phenomenal coach.

Today I finally got a chance to run in my Newton racing shoes. I did 90 mins and really liked them. I can definitely feel the energy return with the support under the forefoot, and although my running fitness has suffered, I felt surprisingly good.

This afternoon D and I babysat all 3 of the girls for Jay and Sarah. We managed pretty well for rookies and we definitely have a deep respect for is the toughest job out there! And in a couple short hours these Ironmen were worn out!

Here is the plan for 2009...

May 10th; Grande Prairie, Brian Harms Memorial Run 8km
May 24th; Vancouver Island, Subaru Shawnigan Lake International 1/2 IM
May 30th; Grande Prairie, Daily Herald Tribune Press Run/ Walk 21km
June 7th; Hinton, Mountainview Triathlon- Olympic
July 5th; Stoney Plain, Great White North 1/2 IM
July 12th- 17th; Tour BC 800km+ in 7days
August 2nd; Ironman 70.3 Calgary
August 30th; Grande Prairie, Don't Get Lost In The Woods 21km
September 27th; Grande Prairie, Fall Classic Road Race 10km
October 11th; Royal Victoria Marathon

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