Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Fun

Saturday I did a great ride, despite the wind. Did some harder push intervals and felt awesome. Run off the bike was great as well, I was expecting to hurt but didn't at all.
Sunday's training kind of fell apart, we decided to go out to Spring lake with my bro and his family in the am and thought we would get our run in in the evening. Getting home at 3:30 after a day on the beach, in the heat and we were beat. So we had some quality time just hanging out instead. We did get an open water swim in at the lake. I decided to go without my wetsuit since IM Louisville will most likely be non wetsuit legal. I felt good, but got really cold. I turned around after about 500m when my calves started to threaten cramping. I did not want to be in the middle of the lake with no wetsuit, unable to kick.
I feel more confident about the swim though, as long as the river is warmer than the lake was...which I am sure it will be.
Had a lot of fun playing with the girls in the water and on the beach. It is nice to have some fun family time before the summer is over. We don't get to do it very often as most of our weekends are consumed with triathlon related events...
So we will both be running today, and I am going to head out for a swim as well. The temp is cooler today which will make the run easier, but not as great for the heat prep.
Things are winding down now, just focusing on staying healthy, getting rest and tuning up before the big day. My head is in the right place, which is more than 50% of the battle for me :-)
Saturday TFTD: Bike 85km 2hrs 57 T Run 10mins
Sunday OW swim 22mins
Monday swim 40mins
Run 80mins build


Darin Hunter said...

I can hear Mesa saying, "what's that thing on your head uncle Darin?"

Amber Dawn said...

yup, followed up by... why??