Sunday, August 24, 2008

# 842

Our numbers are up and I got an awesome one! As a bit of a numerology nut this one made me very happy lol.
D is numerology needed to know that is a good number too ;-)

We are chillin in Edmonton, getting ready to fly out tomorrow. We had an early morning workout yesterday before hitting the road. D forced me (against my will) to get my butt on the bike by 7;15am. It was so cold we could see our breath!! We got our 3hr brick done though, and made it to Edmonton in time to pick up the bike box before Element closed.

Today we packed up the bikes and there were some stressful moments as D realized his bike was too big for the box. He ended up having to virtually strip the frame of everything to squeeze it in there! Now we just have to hope and pray our bikes make it in one piece, and that they end up in the same location as us :-)

The past couple of days I have been feeling typical for taper :-( That means kind of flat, lethargic and grumpy. I go from 0 - starving in an instant and as soon as the hunger strikes I turn into an ogre. EEP.

We are getting up early tomorrow for a run, then we will be off to pick up my passport (yes last minute) and then to the airport with lots of time to get our big ass bike boxes checked in. We are fully prepared to be hosed by the airline.

We spent the day following IMC online and cheering on our fellow IMers. Great work to the Seitz brothers representing GP! Also to JR and Hallsy, who at time of posting is still out on the run course. I am sending you energy girl, giddy up!!!

Saturday TFTD: Bike 2hrs20 Run 27mins 5km

I almost forgot about an especially cool part of our trip here. On Saturday we went to the Body World's exhibit in the Telus Science Center. It was AMAZING!!! I have wanted to see this for a long time (since I first heard of it in 2005!) and it did not disappoint! Real human cadavers preserved and displayed through a process called plastination. They had different bodies set up to display different systems of the body and it was absolutely fantastic. I am an anatomy junkie, as is D non of it freaked us out. Even the room with the fetus' of various ages and the woman at full gestation was just amazing. It was definitely a way to have even more of an appreciation for the human body!!

We also saw "Wired to Win" in the Imax, which is a movie about the Tour De France and its riders, and the physiological and psychological components of someone who can compete at that level. Seeing the shots of the tour on the big BIG screen was breathtaking. And some good information to take into IM regarding motivation :-)


Lisa G said...

Good luck to you guys on Sunday!! You are going to have an AWESOME day out there! You have trained long and hard and you are ready for it! Get out there and give it your best!! (I will be following along during the day on the ironmanlive feed.)

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

All the best Amber and Darrin!!! Sending you the best thoughts and wishes for a FANTASTIC race day for both of you. As for your numbers, Amber, I agree: can't go wrong with anything ending in '69' LOL!!! :)