Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Training in the Heat....Finally!

This week has been a scorcher..thank goodness! We are both feeling a bit worried about our lack of hot weather training this year, considering how far south we are going to race...
Yesterday was 32 and today was 34. I was a happy camper out there, although I notice that it is tough to find any speed in the heat of the day!
Yesterday I took it pretty easy, other than my work workouts and an easy 40min run.
Today I headed out in the heat for a ride and had the pleasure of company from a fellow IMer who was out on a training ride and kept me company almost the entire 94km!
I made an effort to do a T run off the bike, and lasted only 25mins. It was soooo hot and I was having stomach cramps due to a lack of sodium.
The bootcampers tonight were troopers on the stairs, a tough day to workout but everyone did great.
Tomorrow we are off to Edmonton in the evening and then to SK for my cousin's wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing my whole family and having some rest before the next round of training.
Tomorrow I need to get my butt to the pool, I had to blow off my swim today to protect the $200.00 haircut/color I got yesterday.... it was the first in 6 months and for that kind of money I did as I was told and didn't wash it for 24hrs.

Tuesday Training: Run 40mins
Wednesday Training: Bike 3hrs 11mins 94km
TRun 25mins


Jason said...

I'm jealous. Missing summer down here. I'm longing for it hit the 30's, even 20 would be nice.

Lisa G said...

Wow some crazy long workouts for you this past weekend! A 3hr 20min run is nuts! You are going to rock IM Louisville!

Happy belated birthday and good for you on treating yourself to a very expensive haircut!