Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet , Wonderful Day OFF

After a hectic and very productive week, I am relishing in my day off today. Day off from work and from training. I have housework calling me, but for the time being I am ignoring it :-)
Had an awesome run on Wednesday, I am feeling ready to race now. I did an hour warm up run with a client then headed out for my last long run before IM. I kept the pace I wanted, despite the wicked wind and heat. I finished 28km in 2hrs 34mins, then hit the ice bath and continued the recovery efforts with an awesome avocado-banana-saskatoon-rasperry-yogurt smoothie. I used a whole avocado and it was so thick I had to eat it with a spoon :-)
It must have worked because I felt pretty good yesterday, other than being tired and light headed from my low blood pressure. I had my usual busy day with clients and classes, and wrapped up with my Learn to Run group's final class doing a 10km run. Everyone did great, it was 32 degrees and not an easy day to run! I also got a short swim in today which was just ok.
I came home to find my D finally back from his road trip. We are looking forward to a weekend at home this weekend, one in 6 isn't bad :-)

The weather forecast is for 30's all weekend. It is already 32 out there and I think I might head out and work on filling in some of the white areas around my terrible bike tan :-)

Wednesday TFTD: Easy Run 60mins
IM Race Pace Run: 28km 2hrs 34mins

Thursday: Swim 40mins
Run 70mins


Lisa G said...

Is your race Aug. 24 or 31?? You are going to do awesome - your training sounds like it has been going amazing.

I hear ya about the dorky bike shorts tan - even at the pool I get weird stares all the time. I can't imagine the looks I'd get at the beach.

kelly said...

I always find the days off to be the hardest. :)

BreeWee said...

LOVE the thought of bugs flinging off the helmet rather than in it- thanks for that!

Oh your training sounds like you are headed for a super race! Louisville? Why not Canada, aren't you a Canada girl?

I checked out your previous post too, 6:44 on the bike! YOU ARE A TOTAL stud! My bum has never sat that long ever on a bike... you are so ready!