Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting ready for the heat

Today it was cold and raining all day, so I lugged the bike downstairs and set it up on the trainer. It was a good heat training session, with no fan, windows closed and heat on. I was sweating like a farm animal and had a great high cadence spin session.
I felt like a rock star in the pool today, did 3100m in an hour and felt like continuing...unfortunately the lane swim is only an hour long.
The beginning part of the week my energy was in my boots. It has been super tough to sleep at night with the 30 plus degree days creating a virtual oven in our house. Last night was finally cool and I slept like a log for 12hrs! I finally woke up today feeling energetic and happy. I even got the house cleaned finally and am starting to get things together for the trip.

3 days till we leave....just a few more workouts before the day we have been waiting for since October!!

TFTD Swim 1hr 3100m
Bike (trainer) 1hr


IronHallsy said...

Hey AD - Atta girl. You feelin' too hey? I've been tryin' to shake it but my stomach won't deny it :$

Darin Hunter said...

Look at that sweat session, wish I could have been there babe!