Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank God it's FRIDAY

Well first week back in the swing went really well. My classes are all full, and I am running all of them out of the home studio. This rocks. I love not leaving the house to work! I have been starting my day at 5:10 am. A pretty big stretch for me, but I surprised myself all week by being up before the alarm. Pre programming the coffee pot helps...alot. Thanks to Heidi for that gem of a suggestion :-)
I am really excited about the next 3 months. I am working with some amazing women who are committed to their own self care for the next three months, and I get to be their fearless leader. I love it. This is the stuff that I live for, seriously. I love seeing people commit to taking care of themselves- body mind and spirit, and realize how much they can be, do and have.
Monday I will be doing an Inner Strength Workshop titled "Do one thing you can't everyday": Expand your comfort zone and improve your life. This is the seminar I was giving in June of 2006 to a group of bankers. It was where I first met my hubby, so needless to say, it is one of my favorite seminars to give :-)
Training this week went well also, although I was once again reminded of how much physical output my job requires. Tuesday I did a spin, it was a big gear grind, alternating sitting and standing. It was a gooder and I was sweating like a farm animal by the end. I also had a strength workout on the books, but I led 2 bootcamps that involved a lot of strength work, so I skipped the weights.
Wednesday was a day of 2s. I taught 2 classes, had 2 PT clients, did 2hrs of my own training and shoveled snow for 2 hrs. no shit. Oh and of course Harley dog got his 80 mins on the trails. I was pretty sure that my coach was trying to kill me that day. The swim workout was insane. The main set involved a ridiculous number butterfly, breast and back strokes. I only made it through half and my arms were about to fall off. I finished with some kicking. The second workout of the day was a circuit that involved skipping, crunches, lunges and running. I ended up doing 240 crunches, 600 skips, 600 lunges and 30 mins of running in an hour. I still had 2 sets to go, but I was out of time. And out of energy. That night after the final class of the day (in which I did more lunges) I was absolutely spent. I felt this deep aching tired in every cell of my body. I wanted a bath but was too tired. So I just crawled into bed at 9:15 and didn't move until 5am the next morning.
Thursday I was scheduled for a 60min easy spin. I taught 3 classes, shoveled snow for an hour walked Harley and had exactly one hour in my day for me time. I could have got on the bike, but decided I really wanted a bath. So that is what I did. :)
D came home Thursday night, a night early which was a great surprise!
Today I have about 20 programs to write, and one PT meeting. I also need to get in the pool and have a 45 min run which I can incorporate into a Harley run. But it still feels like a day off because I have no classes.
Tomorrow we are meeting the gang for the morning run, in what is supposed to be balmy weather. In the afternoon I am going to meet my friend Kelly to do some Skijorning I am totally pumped to try this with Harley! There are actually races that we can compete in, how cool would that be? I just have to train him not to jump on every dog he sees and try to wrestle...
Sunday is our first group spin of 09 and it sounds like it will be a full house! Sunday afternoon will be more x-c skiing, I am meeting another friend and depending on how tired he is, maybe Harley.
Oh and the snow around here is CRAZY! It snowed for 3 days straight and the drifts are higher than my head! There is literally no where else to put it. Last time I shoveled I had to put it into the street because I can no longer lift the shovel up high enough to get it off the side. It is beautiful though, and makes for some fun outdoor adventures :-)
Happy Weekend!

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Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Skijorning looks like fun, Amber! :)

Home studios are the way to go, and you are definitely a huge inspiration to those women!

As for me, Amber, my groin is really, really strained. Yesterday it was I sought advice from a physio. Doh...that definitely WASN'T in my training plan! No more modern dance for me!

Enjoy your weekend with D!!! :)