Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh the Joy...

...of training again. Especially after a week off completely. It is like when you stop drinking for a long time and then half way through a glass of wine you realize you are smashed. I did a full body strength workout and a 40min spin, and holy jeebus I feel like I did a 3hr training session. I love it. Just like I love being a cheap drunk..haha.
But I am also looking forward to getting back to where I was before I got sick. I know it will only take a week, and I will just enjoy the easy week. Soon enough it will be ramping back up. 
I am pining for summer though...and D and I agreed that if we are going to live this far up we definitely need to plan a winter getaway...at least one! This year is out but for sure next year. Until then I am dreaming of beaches and palm trees and sand...sigh...as I look out the window at a 12f foot snowdrift, compliments of the plow that finally cleared our streets.
I am feeling more in the groove with my schedule and really the 5am wake up is not all that bad. Especially when I schedule in a nap later in the day. Naps rule.

I am waiting for my 5:30pm class and watching Oprah as I write this. It is about obesity in young people and is quite alarming. They are talking about how the obesity changes how hormones function and boys are becoming more like girls and vice versa. On top of all the other health risks this has all kinds of implications about reproduction later in life.  I have seen it myself, every time I am at the pool and there are school groups there. I remember as a kid there was always one or two overweight kids, but now there are only a handful of kids that aren't overweight. Our society is evolving in a way that is going to shorten our life expectancy, which I get would be the opposite of evolution...
Anyway, big issues with lots of factors, which makes it a tough problem to 'fix'.

Time to go...


Lisa G said...

Glad to hear you're getting better! I'm sure you'll get back into your training groove really quickly.

I hear ya about the obesity epidemic. I feel strongly about this subject and it is very sad to see so many children overweight/obese these days as it is utterly preventable. Hopefully this problem will turn around sometime soon.

Natalie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Love your blog!

I really feel your pain with the snow and the dream of sandy beaches. Here in Minnesota, we're usually wondering if we'll even be having a white Christmas, but this year we had more snow before Christmas than I think we had all last winter.

Stay warm...spring will be here soon!