Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Week One: The Highlight Reel

Well so far, 2009 is off to a smashing good start. I have nailed all of my workouts, filled my classes and made a very big business decision/ investment that is going to dramatically change my business and allow me to grow without increasing the amount of time I am working.
NYE was pretty low key for us, we had a great dinner, prepared by moi, and hit the hay by 10:30. My cousin Heidi was in town and stayed up for the ball drop, too bad we are too lame to stay up that late ;-)
New Year's day D was working and after having lunch with him I got to work too. We did an hour spin and some weights in the evening.
Friday I was dreading my swim. The workout was a 400m warm up followed by 4x500m descending 1-4, followed by 300m backstroke to c/d. I was dreading it because it has been a really long time since I've done that much in the pool, and getting faster every 500m seemed impossible- do I even have more than one speed right now? But I surprised myself and completed the workout to the letter, getting from 10mins down to 9:12 for my 500's. Even while dodging all the breaststroking folks in the fastlane. I also had a short circuit style strength workout to do which was mild.
Saturday I opted for the treadmill for my 75min run. I tried to keep it in the high end of the comfort zone/ low end of the not so comfortable zone. I ran between 7.5mph-8.0mph while watching the 1998 IM World Championships. I actually like running on the treadmill. I guess it helps that it is in the comfort of my own home, I can sing as loud as I want to and watch inspiring TV.
Saturday afternoon I went for the inevitable post wedding hair chop. I have been dying to get my hair cut off, it was just too long. I got everything below the shoulders whacked off and after a few low lights to blend my roots into the bleached out mess, I am feeling fresh and fabulous! Now I just need a big purse to fit the post wedding cliche...
Today I am going to hop onto the bike for 90mins and then head out for a ski! It is finally warming up (-25 instead of -35 is balmy!) and I can hardly wait!
Thursday TFTD: Bike 60
Friday: Swim 60mins
Saturday: Run 75mins
Sunday: Bike 75mins
X-C Ski 90mins


Kelly B. said...

Big purse = necessity.
When you have kids.
Currently I carry my camera, an extra diaper, wipes, treats, toys, wallet etc.
A MUST have imo.

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Amber, sounds like you have some great plans in the works for your business! I know that things will work out wonderfully, and I can hardly wait to see the picture of your new hair do! :)

As for the 'big' bag, we'll make sure you have a funky, stylish one to match your personality. ;)

Very cool new background layout, BTW. It looks fantastic!