Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well another month down, and now we are in the last one of 2008! This has definitely been a defining year for us, and probably the most fun 11 months I've ever had! Since I met D, my life has gotten better and happier every day. I know that the future holds many many more adventures for us, and I am excited for the ride ahead!
Training wise, I have been pretty low key. Not sure if it is the time of year, or the fact that I am so happy in my life, but training feels different. I do my workouts (most of them) because I want to stay in shape, and I love and need the physical release. But right now I don't feel any drive towards my goals for the season, no big oomph behind what I am doing.
I just got my month of workouts from Coach Syl and am thrilled to see lots of short, focused workouts. That is what I need right now as my attention span is limited and I seem to need the play by play of what to do each minute of the workout or I get bored.
Also, lots of cross country skiing and snow shoeing...yay! Now I just need to get x-c skis and snow shoes....and we need more snow!
I have asked Santa for the skiis and I found some cheap snow shoes at Costco...and if the forecast is right the snow is coming too. So soon Harley and I will be tearing it up on the trails :-)
We have also planned a little pre Christmas get away in Jasper in a couple weeks and I am soooo excited for it. I can't wait to take Harley out in the mountains and enjoy our winter wonderland hide away!

Speaking of our furry friend, his training has been going gangbusters! I ordered the Dog Whisperer DVDs and book and have been working diligently to master the walk with Harley. He has gone from dragging me around like moose on steroids to walking beside or behind me in a calm, submissive manner. He is getting better around other dogs as well, and today he passed the test with the Yummy Mummy group, waiting back while the moms and babies came and went instead of charging and mauling them as he was before. None of this has come easy, but we have worked really hard with him and it is paying off. It is amazing how important it is to establish ourselves as the pack leaders. Especially with a confident and strong dog like Harley. I feel like it is all worth it though, as we are raising a balanced and happy dog :-)
And while 'humanizing' the dog is one of the worst things ppl do when training, I can't help but dress my pooch up- because he lets me and he is sooo cute!! LOL

The tree is up, and I am feeling festive. We had our first (and only) xmas party on the weekend and survived. My parents will be here next week for an early Christmas and this year I am hosting. Hopefully our new dining room table arrives in time... sitting 6 adults and 3 kids around a 2 seater table will be tough.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Weights
Wednesday: Bike 50 Run 30
Thursday: Weights Bike 50
Friday: Run 45
Saturday: Run 60
Sunday: off
Monday: off
Tuesday: Bike 60


Lisa G said...

Aw, Harley looks so cute in his santa hat!! Sounds like you're doing really well with his obedience training too!

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

I think you are feeling this way because you are so happy in your life. I might know a thing or two about that, and it really is life changing. ;) Training feels different; fulfilling in a very different way. I'm so happy for you, AD!

Harley looks very cute, BTW!

We got some great deals on x-c skate skis at Track 'N Trail in Edmonton. Snowshoes at Costco? Great to know!