Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ready for Winter

Well, now that we are living in the North, we have accepted that it will be a cold, dark winter. We have a beautiful training space to keep us in shape until spring, but we also have a furry friend who still needs to run outdoors. So we have been braving the ice and cold to make sure Harley gets his run training in. D took him out for 90mins today and he was going strong the entire run. We may have created a monster! At least he will stay warm now that he has his stylin parka. There is even a pocket on the back, which D decided was for gels :-)

The week has been great, I feel like I got my running mojo back, although my swimming has suffered. I was swimming on Wednesday and felt like I had over cooked noodles for arms. I thought back to the previous day's workouts and realized that between my strength workout and the nasty bootcamp I dished out I had done 95 that would explain the noodle arms!

Saturday we had a great spin session with our group and coach Troy. 2 hours of Have Mercy the Sequel and we were fully cooked. My long run today was only and hour, and done on the tready while D and Harley braved the outdoors.

Christmas lights are up and I am thinking of digging out the tree next weekend :-)

Monday: 60mins
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Swim 1500m, Run 70mins intervals
Thursday: Bike 45
Friday off
Saturday: Bike 2hrs
Sunday: Run 60


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks so much for this. Keep em posts coming, find them so interesting. Anyways where did you take your swimming lessons ? I'm keen to take it up while I'm still young.

Jenna said...

Ba ha!! Love the parka!!!

i am Susan said...

Harley looks Awesome!

We are setting up our tree this weekend as well. Trevor has specific rules saying that we can't set it up before the American Thanksgiving is over. If it were up to me I would have set it up as soon as November hit: )