Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And so this is Christmas...

My parents made the long drive to have an early Christmas with us last week/weekend. We had a great week with them and Christmas at our place went over very well. My parents handled the Turkey and it turned out perfectly. My vegetable dish looked odd but tasted great, and overall a very merry time was had by all.

The rush of Christmas coming early has forced me to do all my shopping wrapping and preparing. Now the 2nd Christmas will be a breeze! We leave today for Jasper, and then on to Calgary Tuesday. I was hoping to have many outdoor adventures with my new skiis and my dog (D will be working in Jasper) but looking at the weather forecast I am thinking there may be more coffee sipping, napping and reading on the schedule. At least there is a pool and gym that will keep me honest if the weather is unbearable. I am also looking forward to spending some time on my 2008 review and 2009 goal setting. I do this every year and it is always a rewarding and inspiring exercise. D has already done his and has some goals in there for me so I'd better get on doing my own!

Training over the past week has been hit and miss. I missed a few workouts with family here, and at the same time had some really good sessions in between. Saturday was a doozy of a bike workout. D was still sick so he sat out, but Mike and Marcia joined me for some Bending Crank arms fun! Running on the treadmill, while boring, really helps with the speed work. I like to run fast so that I can't think too much :-)

Today I will brave the cold and run Harley outside to wear him out for the road trip. I got Yacktrax for Christmas, so at least I will have some traction. And D bought me some awesome North Face mittens and the mother of all head/neck/face warmers. No excuses not to get out there!

I have too far back to go to update training... but this week thus far
Monday: Run 45
Tuesday: Swim 30
Wednesday: Bike 45

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Darin Hunter said...

I'm looking forward to the Jasper trip babe, even though it may be bitter cold! We'll have a great time, we always do!