Sunday, December 7, 2008

sick with a capital ICK

Well it certainly wasn't the weekend we were hoping for, D and I have both been sick since Saturday. We did manage our group spin and did 2 hrs of Aerobic base building with Coach Troy, but soon after lunch things started to get ugly for me, and I spent the rest of the night shuffling between the couch and the bathroom. After sleeping for most of the day today I am still feeling a bit woozy, but on the mend. Poor Harley was stuck in the house until nearly 2pm when we sucked it up and took him out. It was nice to be out, it was snowing and there has been quite a bit of the white stuff accumulating all day. We were only out about 45mins but I was wiped by the end. We went to pick up some groceries and movies and got a big rawhide bone for Harley. It was the smartest thing we did because he has kept himself occupied the rest of the day with it.
I am hoping and praying that this passes and I feel better tomorrow. D has some kind of head/chest cold that he brought back from T.O so I am hoping the rest and vitamin c does its trick for him as he has an exam Tuesday. The poor guy has had to study most of the weekend despite feeling like crap.

I did get one swim in this week, but still short. I will hopefully get a longer run in this week to make up for today's missed one. At least all the snow will make it easier to run outside.

Thursday: Bike 60
Swim 30
Friday Weights
Saturday: Bike 2hrs

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