Monday, December 22, 2008

I heart Jasper

Well we are back in paradise and if is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. Our bikes have been replaced by xc skis, and we are wearing significantly more layers, but having just as much fun in the great outdoors. It is really quiet here, as summer is actually the busy season. It is very peaceful and relaxing. Harley may be the biggest fan of this place, though, as he has been loving all the off leash back country exploration. As I type this he is snoring away with his head on my lap :-)
Friday D was working so Harley and I went for a hike along a trail just alongside the town. Of was a 90 min loop of power hiking/jogging by me, and running up and down the mountainside by Harley. When D got home around 4, he took him out for another hour of running, so he was one tired pooch by the end of the day. The weather has been brutally cold, especially in the mornings. By the afternoons it is bearable-as long as I am wearing several layers and have no exposed skin.
We got out for a great ski on Saturday afternoon. It was really nippy out but we bundled up and were fine. We did a trail from the Wabasso campground that followed along the Athabasca river. We were out about 90 mins which was just enough to wear us all out. It was beautiful back in the trees and although there were tracks, they were mostly snowed over and we were breaking new trail. Sunday we had a slow start to the day after a sleepless night due to D coughing. The poor guy has had this cough for 3 weeks now. We were finally coaxed into going out by Harkey who was whining and pacing in front of the window. We were grateful that he got us out though, as we were treated to a beautifully groomed track up hwy 93a where the road is closed just past meeting of the waters. We have biked this highway many times, but this was a whole new way to experience it. Harley loved it and was sprinting at 100 miles an hour up the road and back and zig zagging between the ditches sniffing everything he could. We were a bit less energetic and were out only 75mins but it was just nice to get the fresh air.
Today D is working and I am going to take Harley out for a trail run this afternoon. The weather feels almost balmy at -24.

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