Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekend

Winter has definitely arrived and the early morning walks with Harley are getting ch-ch-chilly.
Training this week was about 80%, certainly not what I want, but alright for this time of year. I have been feeling like I am fighting some kind of cold the past few days and today I have a sore throat and am really lethargic.
Yesterday I bailed on my long run and did a bunch of errands and chores. I did get out for a long walk with the pooch, and he did his long run with D. Harley seems to have about 14km of D's pace in him, and then he has to be dragged the last km. I guess his endurance isn't quite there yet.
Saturday we had a pretty full house for spin class, with 3 other GP triathletes joining us for a 2 hour session in the basement. We started with an hour of TDF and then plugged in Coach Troy for a little hurt to finish off the ride. It was great to meet some new people and I am glad we decided to open our home for these sessions.

We also bought a treadmill, which I am stoked about! It is being delivered tomorrow, and I think my running will get more consistent now that I don't have to go out in the cold and ice!

Saturday TFTD Bike 2hrs


cinc said...

congrats on your new pooch! Just be careful on taking him out for too long of runs too quickly - we have goldens and a sheltie-collie cross - what my vet said is to build up their endurance the same way you build up your own. It can be tough for them to go from very little mileage to high mileage too quickly!

He's a gorgeous boy though - I'm sure you'll have many great times with him!

i am Susan said...

Your new buddy is adorable. I had a dog named Harley when I was younger. Not much of a running partner (not that I ran back then)...She was a Rottweiler...cute as a button though.

I can't wait to hear the scoop on the new treadmill.