Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Week, Another Blog Post

I have been really slacking on the blog lately, not for lack of bloggable activities, just been lazy I guess.
It was a better week training wise, although I opted to bump my long run until tomorrow as the legs are still burnt from yesterday's fun. We meet a big group of GP athletes at 8:30 for a run. I took Harley out for a new experience..;.group running. I started out with the fast boys and was at the back of the pack, which is not where Harley likes to be. He is a leader, and was doing all he could to try and get up to the front of the pack. I was his anchor, opting to stay back and try to keep from tripping over him and killing myself. Harley did fairly well for the 12.5km route, although some of it was on the highway and he didn't like that much. Neither did I, as he kept pushing me into the icy tire tracks, opting to take the nice running surface for himself. After the run we met at the coffee shop and had a meeting about reforming the tri club in GP as well as the GP triathlon which has been santioned for the upcoming season. It was great to know there is a group that is enthusiastic about tri and wanting to organize some group training.
After the meeting it was home to host our Saturday spin. This week we had four others plus us and we worked up a serious steam with Coach Troy's 'Totally Time Trial' workout. The 90 min workout was tough after the run I had done and I was feeling really short on fuel, having had breakfast at 7:30, and finishing the ride at 12:30.

The rest of the week's workouts were good, and I only missed one run this week. The swims are really challenging me, with all kinds of drills and other strokes that I SUCK at. I had a 10x 100m IM session that nearly killed me. I am soooo bad at butterfly, and almost as bad as breast stroke. I was worried that the lifeguards were going to try and save me, thinking I was having a seizure in the pool! The other killer was a 8x100m single arm, alternating arms every 100m. Tough stuff, but it is good to have the challenge. Surprisingly, I have been most consistent in getting to the pool and doing my set workouts 100%. With more of a short course focus this year, I want to be both faster and more efficient in the swim. I hope that all this embarrassment is worth it...

We had a full house on the weekend, with my cousin Heidi visiting, and my dad staying with us. Today was my bro's bday and we had dinner and cake with them Also played his bday present- Rock Band 2, which was ALOT of fun and very addictive.

The treadmill kicks ass, our home gym is awesome! I now have everything I want to train with in the comfort of my own home...well, except for a pool...maybe in a couple of years :-)

Tuesday TFTD: Bike 75mins
Wednesday: Swim 66mins
Run 30mins
Thursday: Bike 60mins
Friday: Swim 40mins
Saturday: Run 65mins
Bike 90mins

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