Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Training Partner :-)

Meet Harley, our new buddy who's job is to train me to be a faster
This dog can move! I have been taking him for 3-4 walk/jogs a day. My hips and shins are killing me! I am not used to this much power walking.

Also, I have gotten started with my coach, Syl. I have been following the program this week and so far, so good. I missed a run, due to my sore legs, but I should be adapted to this new form of training soon and will make the run up tomorrow.

D has been on the road this week, it is nice to have Harley as company :-) I took him to the vet the other day, and found out he is a lab/rotty cross. That explains his massive quads and chest. He weighs 72lbs and doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. When the vet found out we are runners, he said Harley in top condition will be like an athlete on steriods...look out! EEP.

We are loving being doggy parents, and I am soooo happy we found him!

Tues TFTD: Bike 45mins, Run 15mins
Weights Full body
Wed TFTD: Swim 45


Lisa G said...

Aw Harley's so cute!! That is awesome you have a new dog in the family and he will be great for running!

Megan said...

Hope you enjoy your new training partner! If you ever want a good Canadian show abotu dog training I recommend End of my leash on Slice. It's filmed in Calgary too!