Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stats and Happy Thoughts

Week 4 is a wrap. Yesterday I churned out the 16km run on the treadmill and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised that my legs, feet etc were almost pain free Monday morning. I credit my husbands massage skills, he worked me over and applied a thick layer of tiger balm.

Last week I officially hit 100km for the week and I am really happy with how my body has adapted. Despite some earlier foot/arch issues I seem to have everything worked out (for the time being) as I've had no pain during any of my runs the last week. I think keeping up with stretching, massage and chiro going to be key as well as trying to run on a variety of surfaces and alternating between shoes.

All of this is new, which is why I am so jacked about it. It wasn't enough to do triathlon this year, I needed something that would challenge me in every way. Something that I had to research, learn and test myself with. I have no idea how to train for a 125km run, how/ what I will fuel myself with, what happens when I try to run through the woods at night over several mountains... but I will learn :)

Learning is the fun stuff, every week I am doing something I have never done before, breaking into new zones of discomfort and learning that I can handle more that I ever thought. Julie nailed it when she said that the thresholds are changing. This year is going to turn 40km in to an ordinary run...

2 weeks till the Frozen Ass 50km, and this weekend I have Jasper to look forward too. I am excited to get on the trails and run, x-c ski, climb hills and enjoy the rocky mountain high-ness. D left this morning so it will also be our rendezvous which is also fun to look forward to.

I am not as optimistic as Jenna, that winter is 'almost' over. But at least January is almost over, so we're a month closer!

The stats:
Wednesday: 16km
Thursday: 16km
Friday: 12km
Saturday: off
Sunday: 40km
Monday: 16km
Total: 100km YAHOO!

And the happy thoughts...Keith had this post and it seemed like a good idea. 10 things that make me happy... except I chose to do 10 things that I was happy about today.
1. Having the day off running! yahoo!
2. Getting home from spin class this morning and smelling the latte D had made before leaving the house.
3. Kicking big hunks of snow/dirt from between the frame and tires of my jeep. You have to be from northern Canada to get that I think.
4. Taking an awesome nap during my regular run time :)
5. Cleaning the house..well the after effect is the happy part more than the actual cleaning.
6. Making and eating some yummy and spicy Indian food for dinner.
7. Having H-dog to keep me company and make me laugh.
8. Receiving a heartfelt thank you email from a client.
9. Crossing a schwack of crap off my to-do list today.
10. Ordering  Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes thanks to Dean at Ernies! Shhh....don't tell my husband. He already thinks I have a running shoe 'problem'.

Happy Tuesday!


Jenna said...

Hey - one of my friends ran the death race - he told me lots of tales - AND he has done IMC and gave me great race day advice that made my race. Want his email - I am sure he won't mind??

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Amber Dawn! I remember you from one run only - with Hugh and the gang up to Twin Lakes and Gibbon Pass! You'll have no problem with Death Race. Really. All you've got to do is train and stay in motion! I even know a guy who walked the whole thing in less than 24 hours, trust me when I say you are going to be juuuuust fine!

Deb said...

Dude, you are a freakin machine. I agree with Leslie...you're going to have no problems what so ever!! Keep it up! I so wanted to do the Frozen Ass 50 as well but I guess there's always next year! Good luck good luck! As for NYC...did you email them and tell them you registered through the guaranteed option? If not, here is their email address and just let them know what's up... marathonmailer@nyrr.org

Keith said...

#3. We have to do that here too, because of Calgary's skill at putting just enough salt on the road to soften up, and just enough gravel and chips to hold it all together on the car. It turns out one of those curved garden spades works perfectly.

I'd have to do the math, but I'm pretty sure I haven't hit 100K running yet this year. Puts my weekly "long run" into a totally different perspective.

Keep it up, sounds like you're doing great. Hope you're scrubbing your feet with a foot-scrubbie-thingie to keep the callouses and tough skin from building up too much.

Kelly B. said...

I totally get the kicking ice chunks off of vehicles!! What is it about that? I even do it to stranger's vehicles....is that creepy?
You will be great at the race...You put the work in to give yourself the best chance at a good day...can't ask for much more!!

Julie said...

LOVE the kicking ice chunks off my car!! LMAO!!! I laughed out loud when I read that -- there is such a sense of satisfaction when I kick it a couple of times and a big chunk falls off. LOL!!!!

I think you are going to be so prepared for THE BIG RACE that when it is finally over, you are going to be like, "Well, that was tough, but that was it??? Really? Hmm, maybe I should try a longer distance...something that really FEELS like a challenge..." LOL!! I KNOW YOU, girl!!!! Hee-hee!!!

Darin Hunter said...

Yes you do have a running shoe problem but this year I'm letting it go. Great work this week babe! I'll message you anytime you know that.