Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just the facts

Week 3 running 97km total
Tues: off
Wed: 18km
Thurs: 12km
Fri: 18km
Sat: 30min spin
Mon: 16km

Toughest week so far, thanks to icy trails and me not eating enough.
More stories for another day, I need sleep.

Happy Training!


Julie said...

You get that needed sleep girl! I bet you are burning through the calories too!!! Sounds like you are quickly learning what your body needs. :) :) :)

97km!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna said...

Impressive. I wouldn't even be writing in point form at this point and I would have drool stretchies hanging from my mouth.... 97kms.... frick!!

Amy said...

Damn! I don't know how that converts but it looks like a lot of running! No wonder your legs need a (much deserved) break! Great job!

Kelly B. said...

Run Amber RUN!!
Eat Amber EAT!!
Sleep Amber SLEEP!!

Your life for the next little while!! Good work! Go get it!

Lisa G said...

Wow, you are a machine, chica! Way to go!