Friday, January 1, 2010


For the first time in years I stayed up until midnight on NY Eve. Not to party (although we did party a little) but to register for this.....

 Hill repeats anyone????

Happy New Year!!


Julie said...

YAHOO!!!!!!!! You are going to totally rock this race, my friend!!

If I am up anywhere near you this coming year, I would love to go on a training run with you. :) :) :)

You are already so lean and mean (in an entirely great way of course!) that you are going to eat those damn hills for breakfast and then ask for more!! :) :)

Kelly B. said...

Holy crap.
Sounds like a very cool challenge! But if anyone can tackle this, you can.
And great Christmas pics! Loved little shortcake girl! Luke did Boxing Day as a Ninja FUNNY how their brains work!!

Keith said...

I am seriously impressed! Looking forward to reading about your training, and race day. Literally, day. Geez.

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

Congrats, AD!!! How exciting!!!
Big Hugs and Smiles!

Jenna said...

No prob for you!! I have all the belief in the world you will pull it off and pull it off well. Rockstar!!

Amber Dawn said...

Thank You guys for the encouragement! I am going to need you guys and your confidence and pep talks over the next 8 months :)