Monday, January 11, 2010


Week 2 is a wrap! I hit 94km today for the week and I am certainly feeling it in my legs. Up until today's trail run in the snow I felt great, but that pretty much beat the last of the life out of them. It was sure fun though, no regrets. I needed to get into the trees! H-dog loved it too, he was dragging me so fast I felt like I was waterskiing at times! The uneven terrain took its toll though and my calves are two giant knots.

So the week's running went as follows...
Tues: Rest Day
Wed: 18km
Thurs: 12km
Friday: 18km (on the treadmill)
Saturday: EZ spin 1hr
Sunday: 30km (20km outside and last 10km on the treadmill)
Monday: 16km
Total: 94km

After Tuesday's run the arch of my foot was bugging me a bit, I think from the uneven footing. So Wed I decided to try the treadmill just to see if it helped. Sure enough it was fine, I think running at a faster pace helped too. Sunday I was scheduled to run 16km with the 30km run Monday. I was stressed out about the 30km so on Sunday I just decided to keep running and get it over with. Sometimes you have to trick yourself! I did the last 10km on the tready and I am glad I did because it forced me to pick up the pace when I would typically be slowing down.
Here is a shot D took of my sweaty back...

One thing about all this training is that we are ALL eating alot! H-dog has run even more KMs than me this week and his appetite is insatiable. I know how he feels....

Happy training (and eating) everyone!


Julie said...

AWESOME second week, Amber!!!!! I bet you are starving -- 94 km!! WHOO HOO!!!!! You are a monster, girl!!!


Deb said...

Wow, you ARE a monster! That's some awesome mileage you're doing...keep up the great work!!!

Lisa G said...

Awesome! Great training you are doing - you are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year!

KK said...

94k? In one week? Holy heck that is a lot! What are you training for? Watch that arch-I got plantar fasciitis when I was running 55 mpw and that seems way less than 94k. Make sure to stretch those calves!

Amber Dawn said...

Thanks Chickees! I am training for a 50k run in Feb, an 80k run in May and a 125k run in Aug.
I saw my chiro yesterday and he worked the #&*^$ out of my calves. Apparently I am slightly flat footed as well.
But I am definitely paying attention-!!