Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Open Letter to my Legs

Dear Legs,
Thank you for all you have been doing lately. I really appreciate all the overtime you've been putting in and how you have been going the extra mile(s) for me on a daily basis. I understand that you are tired and deservedly took a day off today. It was not easy to run without you, but Harley and Daughtry helped me get through. I hope you are feeling more rested and are ready to get back to work tomorrow. I am really going to need you for the 18km treadmill run.


Keith said...

18 K. On a treadmill. My brain is going numb just thinking about it. I know! You could leave a recorder going during your run, and put selected bits of the audio run commentary up on your blog. I sure your fans would find the Grrrrrr amusing as you power through the teen K's.

Julie said...

Legs to Amber:

Dear Amber --

Thanks for giving us the day off. We really needed it. But don't worry, we just needed a little break and we'll be good to go. We will carry you through tomorrow's 18km tready run!!

Luv, your legs. xxxxoooooo

Kelly B. said...

Is that a pic of YOUR legs??!! Ooolala!!
Not to change the subject, but that is a GREAT pic of Harley below!! Can't you just read his mind?
"Paradise....I am in paradise!!"

Amber Dawn said...

Haha Keith. Unfortunately I am not quite as vocal as Julie when I run...haha! I watched "The Distance of Truth" and the run flew by!
Thanks Julie, you were right! They were back and peppy as ever!
Kelly- nope! Not my legs...the feet are the giveaway. I have what my husband affectionately calls "runners feet" and they are u.g.l.y.
And yes, H-dog is one seriously pampered pooch. It is what happens to animals in households with no!