Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Week

We had all kinds of good times in Jasper on the weekend. I have a few photos to post but I am too tired to go get the camera and upload them. I ran 6 days in a row last week and broke through the 100km mark for the week. I felt great. Monday I ran and I really felt like I could run forever. Yesterday was a rest day and today I feel like I was hit by a truck. Just soooo tired. It took me until 3pm to get out for my run and it was a struggle. I managed to do the 18km and felt better for doing it but I am pretty much ready for bed and it is 8pm. Maybe rest days are a bad

Last week's stats:
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 16km
Thursday: 12km
Friday: 17.5km (Jasper trails)
Saturday: 20km (Jasper trails)
Sunday: 20.5km (Jasper trails, I got lost)
Monday: 16km
Total: 102km

Hopefully my energy will be back tomorrow and I'll write about the Jasper fun.


Missy said...

...understandable with stats like that. You have to be pleased. And a tired pup to boot!

Julie said...

Got lost -- hahhahahah!! And look at H-Dog -- you KNOW you're running a lot when the doggie is pooped. LOL!!!

You are supposed to feel like a bag of ass on rest days -- one thing I learned from Sara. Then your body absorbs the training. Congrats on breaking the 100km mark!!!!!

Jenna said...

yeah feeling like a bag of ass is a great thing ..... LOL. way to push yourself!!

Amy said...

Great job getting in so many workouts. No wondered you're exhausted!