Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Aaah yes, rest day Tuesday.

First off, thank you all so much for the generous encouragement and the food suggestions! I have some new ideas and I am even going to practice on my short runs this week. It looks like it is going to be warm warm this week and all the way through to Monday in Cowtown. I am now wondering if there will be any snow on the trails? The shoes I have been training on are great for snowy/icey/rough trails, but not so good on plain pavement. I am going to wear my new ones this week and see how they go. I may just pull an "Amber" and wear new shoes for my run. If Alan is reading this, he is shaking his head.
I am trying not to stress or over think this. It is, afterall, just 8km more than a marathon, and I won't be running at Marathon race pace so it isn't going to hurt like that. Really, I think it is all going to be just fine.

Speaking of over thinking...Shannon's post about choices, regrets etc. got me thinking. I am a believer in the "we all make the best choices we know how with the information we have at the time" theory, but I am also really bad for wasting energy on things I have done in the past. Even things like something I may have said or did in passing that was 'off the cuff'. When I look back at it I think I might have offended or come across in a way I didn't mean to. I replay this crap over and over and beat myself up for something (another person's perception) that I really don't know even exists and have absolutely no control over.

Anyway, I am working on letting this stuff go. I think part of the type A, perfectionist, goal driven personality that serves us well in many areas, can bite us in the ass when it comes to this.

Hello, my name is Amber and I am an overanalyzer. This is why I run...LOL

Anyway, on to the stats for week 5!
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 18km
Thursday: 12km
Friday: off
Monday: 16km
Total: 92km


Julie said...

So -- I am so excited for your race this weekend...

Will your hubby be able to post updates on your blog?? I want to know what's going on and it is going to drive me crazy if I have to WAIT!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Not like you have anything else to think about---hahahhaah, but if it is even in the realm of possiblity, updates would be very very awesome!!!

Either that, or I'll have to get your cell number and I'll be calling. :) :) :) :)

Jenna said...

Run Amber Run!! Have fun!!

My name is Jenna and my mind is a scary place. This is why i swim, bike and run... but I can't get away!

KK said...

OMG I thought I was reading about myself there for a minute. You are not alone!

Good luck in your race-you are one fast runner so marathon schmarathon pace, you will rock it!