Friday, February 5, 2010

Jasper Recap

Well a week it is. What a busy week!
Anywho...Jasper was great as always. We got up close and personal with some wildlife including a lone grey wolf, many deer and this big ol' daddy.
Thanks to a blind corner, H-dog and D almost ran smack into him! 
Friday I did a run up the Pyramid Lake loop with H-dog. I was blissed out the entire run. Seriously, if I could have been anywhere in the world doing anything I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was fantastic.

Saturday we attempted the number 7 trail to 6th Bridge, but we ran out of trail about 3km from there. The snow was knee deep so we bailed and hiked over to the road. We ran the road a bit (saw the wolf) and joined back up with the trail to take us back. It was a chilly day and we were both under dressed. After a big lunch we spent most of the rest of the day under blankets watching movies. 
Sunday I wanted to do the Pyramid Lake loop again and it started out with the 3 of us. D and HD took a detour to avoid some off leash mutts and we got separated. I continued on but went a different way trying to find the boys. I ended up going up in reverse to what I am used to. This, combined with the snowfall the night before left me with only a vauge sense of where the trail went once I reached the top. I went half way down on another trail but it didn't feel right so I then retraced my steps to the top. I looked around for another trail but couldn't find anything so back down I went. I went all the way to the bottom, crossed a valley and a creek and ended up at a fork in the trail. There were finally trail signs identifying that I was indeed, off course. I was also in an area that I remembered from my map was a major thoroughfare for wildlife, and 'not recommended to travel'. Eek. So back up the mountain I went. Thankfully I was doing my first run with the awesome Leki poles D bought me. I knew I would get back but I also knew I was going to be waaay late and that D would be worried. Indeed, I was almost 3.5 hrs and by the time I got home D was ready to call search and rescue. 
Although it was a bit stressful, I did get a good run in and got to really learn how to run with the poles. It wasn't easy and I tripped myself a couple of times but I did get the hang of it and it really helped in the deeper snow and on the steep ascents and decsents. 
We are heading back at the end of the month. Looking forward to more adventures :) 


Kelly B. said...

Wow...thank goodness you made it back!! Things like that can go so wrong so fast...

Jenna said...

eek! I am with D I would have been all over the search and rescue peeps and if I had seen a wolf earlier in the day I would be assuming the rest of the pack was hidden and you didn't see them and the damn wolves got you!! Thank goodness you made it back.