Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, I had good intentions to write a bit every day while on Tour BC. I even created drafts with the route info so I could update from my iphone. As you can see....it didn't happen. Thankfully D was diligent in writing his version so I can remember through his accounts and update my blog when I have more time. Well, I have lots of time actually but I don't feel like being on my computer these days.

We are on holidays! In Calgary, camping in D's folks back yard. It is fun and relaxing and we are loving being visitors in the City we started our life together in.

We biked the 70.3 course yesterday and ran the run course today. I am feeling a bit tired but excited to race. It is a very challenging, but beautiful course.

D also bought us new wetsuits...the fastest ones out there. HA! Unless there are built in fins and paddles it probably won't help much. But I am still looking forward to trying it out. We will head out to swim the lake in the next day or 2 once the weather clears up.

That's it! We have heaps of pictures and I'll get around to posting some one of these days...

Hope everyone is loving summer!


Valerie said...

looks like you guys were busy! Have a good time in Calgary :)

Naomi Rae Nicholson said...

I look forward to reading about your Tour BC!

I hear you: I don't feel like being on the computer much these days either. But I sure appreciate the ray of sunshine you always shed in my life with your posts...so thanks!

All the best at 70.3!!! I look forward to cheering you and Darin on! Go get 'em, Girl! You'll rock it because you LOVE it. :)


Lisa G said...

Have a great race this weekend! I am excited to hear about how this new race pans out! Cool - new wetsuit! What kind did you get?

Julie said...

Hey Amber!! It was so nice seeing you again -- even if it's only for a minute, it's just great to be around your positive energy!

You were like a l'il Contador hammering away on the bike!! Hee-hee!

Mike and I are going up to Grande Prarie October 10-12 for a wedding -- maybe we could hook up for a coffee if you are around? :) :)

Trevor Oseen said...

Nice work on the race