Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Wrath of Mother Nature

Wednesday was Earth Day and just for fun I counted Hummers in GP. During my 45 min morning walk with Harley I counted 4. Later in the day I counted another 3. That evening on our walk I saw 2 more. Yes, GP has an abundance of Hummers. Probably the highest number per capita in Western Canada.
Anyway, I think Mother Nature is pissed, cause the temperature dropped and it snowed the last few days. The wind was unreal on Tuesday and it went from plus 18 to 0 overnight. Yikes.

I am soooooooo glad it is Thursday night. Classes are done for the week and I am beat. I can't wait to have a whole day to clean house, run errands and get life in order before the weekend. D comes home tomorrow night....YAY!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Amy said...

Mother Nature is probably mad b/c of all those people driving Hummers. Too much pollution!

Have a great weekend...good luck getting everything done!

Julie said...

"I can't wait to have a whole day to clean house, run errands...." That's it -- I am coming up there right now and taking you on a vacation. There is no way you should be that excited to clean your house! LOL!!!!

I know how it good it feels to get organized - it's like a breath of fresh air. :) :)

Funny pic re: Hummers. My Dad and I always give a "Hummer Salute" -- the big ole middle finger. Hahahahahahaha!!

Have a great day, Amber, and try not to freeze your noogies off!! :): )

BreeWee said...

Oh I am totally with you, those days to catch up on life and chores and stuff make everything so much smooooother!

Enjoy your weekend!

cherelli said...

Boy am I feeling bad for the rest of Canada while the west coast is bathed in sunshine and high teen temps :) Just for you I may run in my shorts and t-shirt today...just think, in a month or so it'll be sweltering hot there in GP! Have a great Sunday...