Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to Blogland!

Well I've taken a bit of a break from blogging, but I am ready to return. After a week of holidays, 10 days without internet, and then the start of all my classes I haven't been able to keep up.
The last few weeks have been great, and busy. I have 36 women in my classes and am back to 4:50am wake ups. They are all awesome groups and I am back to being immersed in doing what I love. Training has been going well also. The weather has been much better and we have been out on the road for all but one ride. The first 100km ride was a shock to the system but I was happy with how I was able to ride. This weekend I rode 3hrs on the trainer in the mall to support Team Grande Prairie in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I rode hard most of the 3hrs and my legs were completely depleted by the end of it. 
My parents are in town and they came with my brother, sister in law and 3 nieces to see and support me at the mall. It was fantastic to see them and I was able to finish up and have lunch with all of them. We had some really good family time all weekend as we celebrated a late Easter together.
I had a great run on Sunday, with lots of company on the trails. There were 138 people out for the Press Run Training and I ended up running at the same time so I got to say Good Morning about 138 times...LOL. I did 20km in 1hr 40 with an exact split of 50mins per 10km. I felt good, but I need to get some speed into my legs over the next month if I am going to race the way I want to at the end of May. Physically I am feeling healthy and strong. I am LOVING being outside on the bike and running in fewer layers. I am not sure what this season will hold yet, but regardless I am sure happy I trained all winter so that I can enjoy myself now.
In other news....D and I celebrated 6 months of wedded bliss this past week!
 Isn't that is like a 50 year anniversary in Hollywood?

Good Luck to Husband Extraordinaire tomorrow night as he writes his Technical Analysis exam. He was teaching Harley the material and H-dog thought it was pretty fun. 


Kelly B. said...

Harley's eyes look a little glazed over from that text material...

cinc said...

Harley does look like he's laughing!

I love reading your blog Amber! It's very motivating (I'm training for my first IM), and being a dog-lover, I always love seeing the pics of Harley and adventures you take him on!

Jenna said...

YOUR DOG has a huge tongue. LOL.

Julie said...

Great workouts, Amber! I have no doubt you will surprise yourself this year with all the extra training you've been doing! You are going to rock baby!!!! :) :) :)

Lisa G said...

Good job on all the long workouts! You will be ready for some good races!

I am sure Harley is very excited that it is warmer outside now. Hugo absolutely loves it and wants to go outside all day!

Amy said...

Spinning in the mall? THat is so fun! Glad you're back!